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Rosa Borja de Ycaza (Guayaquil, July 30, 1889 – Guayaquil, December 22, 1964) was an Ecuadorian writer, essayist, dramatist, sociologist, poet, novelist, feminist and activist.


Rosa Borja de Ycaza was born in Guayaquil on July 30, 1889. Her father was Dr. César Borja Lavayen, a doctor, politician, French-to-Spanish translator, and Parnasian poet who wrote "Flores tardías y joyas ajenas". Her mother was Angela Febres-Cordero Lavayen.[1]


She was the director of the "Center for Literary Studies" at the University of Guayaquil, founder and director of the magazine Nuevos Horizontes, member of the Ecuadorian Academy of Language and the "Ecuadorian Cultural Institute", founder of the "Journalists Circle" of Guayas and vice president of the "Bolivarian Society" of Guayaquil. She was also served as Minister of Guayas province.


She wrote the plays Las de Judas and Nadie sabe lo que vendrá mañana

She left an unpublished novel María Rosario and a play El espíritu manda.

She was also the author of sociological and historical essays.

She wrote songs and composed music, and in 1942 the Chamber Music Association of Buenos Aires awarded her first prize for some of her compositions with which she had competed.

Social work

She created the "Women's Legion of Popular Education."

She was an advocate for women's rights and the rights of workers and employees, whom she indoctrinated with lectures and discussions.

Personal life

She married Alberto Icaza (Ycaza) in 1916 in Guayaquil.[2]


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