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Carmen Acevedo Vega (July 16, 1913 – April 28, 2006) was an Ecuadorian poet, writer, and journalist.[1]


Carmen Acevedo Vega was born in Guayaquil on July 16, 1913. Her father was José L. Acevedo Quiroz, a writer and poet from Quito. Her mother was Obdulia Vega Andrade, from Cuenca.

In 1945 she married Vicente Idrovo Valdivieso, whom she divorced in 1953. They had a son named Luis Galo Idrovo Acevedo.

When she was 16 a few of her poems were published in the magazines 'Ideal' and 'Peru'


Carmen Acevedo Vega was a member of many institutions, including:

  • House of Ecuadorian Culture
  • Association of Journalists of Guayas
  • Association of Journalists of Guayaquil
  • National Confederation of Journalists of Ecuador
  • Ecuadorian Cultural Center of Quito
  • Union of American Women
  • National Union of Ecuadorian Women


  • In 1952 she received the "Ondas Azuayas" radio station's Poetry Recital Contest Prize.
  • In 1973 the Municipality of Guayaquil awarded her the "Medal for Literary Merit" in recognition of her cultural and educational work.
  • In 1976 the program Antena Pedagógica named her "Teacher of the Year".
  • In 1996 she was awarded the First Class Cultural Merit Award, issued by the Ministry of Education and Culture of Ecuador.


  • Camino sin Retorno (1953)
  • Espacio y Luz (1961)
  • Latitud Amarga (1968)
  • Lauros de Guayaquil (1973)
  • En los Horizontes del Paisaje Azul (1978)
  • Perfiles Humanos, a collection of short stories previously published between 1956 and 1980
  • Alba Eterna
  • Páginas de Ayer
  • Parcela Azul
  • Cantos Dispersos
  • Poemas Nada Más
  • En el Peregrinaje


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